Welcome to Stz’uminus Education

Our Vision

As Stz’uminus mustimuxw, we are leading the way on a journey of life-long learning and are guided by the four principles of:



(sacred teachings)

tsi’tsu watul

(helping each other)

nu stli’ch



(together as one)

Our sacred teachings guide us to provide support and inspire each other to help build a prosperous and healthy Nation for today and future generations.

Our Provocative Propositions:

Stz’uminusqun is at the core of our being:

Being able to speak, read, write and understand hul’q’umi’num in our daily lives connects us to the land, our ancestors, and their teachings.

All learning is done in intimate relationship with the land:

The land is the source of our strength, our language and culture. Learning in a reciprocal relationship with the land keeps us strong and connected.

We heal, hope and love one another:

Our snuwuyulh teach that we are one and, by sharing our gifts with each other, we learn and grow together.

We reflect on how we are learning and growing:

We know that SES creates powerful learning environments that provide us with the skills and knowledge necessary for us to pursue our dreams. We know that learning helps us, our families and our communities.

Setting Our New Direction

Using a strengths-based approach, we asked community what was unique that we could build on as well as their hopes for the future of our education. The result is a Strategic Plan, which is our path forward.

Strategic Plan Summary with Former Director Justin Magnusson